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By placing an order to, clients accept to adhere to the following refund policy

  • Essay Helpers reserves all the rights to offer a refund to the client in case of minor delay in the turnaround time or small content error as such reasons do not hold enough ground to demand a full refund. In any case, Essay Helpers and the client may come to an agreement by agreeing on other types of compensation such as proposing a discount offer or a partial reimbursement.
  • Even after 7 rounds of essay revisions, if the essay doesn't meet the requirements that the client initially provided, then the client reserves the right to contact the company's online Customer Support to report a comprehensive complaint presenting the fact that the essay didn't match up with the initial guideline.
  • In the event, where Essay Helpers fails to stick with the original deadline, the client is not entitled to receive a full refund as such aspect doesn't constitute ample ground to propose such demand, unless, if the company fails to contact the client.
  • If the credit card is mistakenly charged for extra amount, Essay Helpers will be entitled to refund the extra amount immediately.

Contact and Dispute Decision Policy

  • Before contacting the intermediary, the client agrees to contact and give notice to Essay Helpers for direct settlement in case if the client is not contented with the delivered assignment.
  • In an event when no settlement has been made between the client and Essay Helpers within the set time limit of 14 days, the client is then free to ask any intermediary for arbitration.
  • Failure to contacting Essay Helpers before commencing a chargeback will certainly be deemed as a violation of contract and will be taken care of accordingly.