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How do you assure that Essay Helpers is a credible service?

Answer: We have been working in this industry and providing our valuable services to students and scholars for several years. It is a known fact among our regular customers that once Essay Helpers accepts an order, it makes sure that all the requirements are met 100%. In terms of composing genuine assignments, meeting normal or urgent deadlines and maintaining high quality standard, we offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

What types of services does Essay Helpers offer?

Answer: Although we focus our specialisation to custom essay writing and format the assignment in line with the given specifications of our clients. However, we also offer other sorts of academic assignments for example term papers, coursework, dissertations, theses, research reports, book reviews, literature review, debates, etc. We can assist you with writing any level of academic paper you want because our main objective is to assist you and help you out with any type of assignment problem.

Do you cover other topics that you have not specified on your website?

Answer: Of course, Yes. Although we have listed down all the name of the standard subjects that are studied in almost all universities, however, our highly competent writers can produce your assignment in any given field; you just name it. We have a team of dozens of expert writers qualified in numerous fields of subjects. If you want to verify whether we can produce an assignment on a certain subject, contact our Customer Support Service and verify it.

How do you assure me that my essay is not plagiarised?

Answer: We guarantee that our assignments are 100% non-plagiarised, means 100% original and fully referenced. We are completely aware of the fact that plagiarism is dangerous in education and so it is for our business, keeping in view the nature of our work. Therefore, rest assured as even a single bit of plagiarism can neither fool the expert eyes of our competent proofreaders nor it can fool our advance anti-plagiarism tool.

Are your assignments sold to multiple customers or are they
published online?

Answer: Of course not. Every assignment is produced exclusively for our client who has ordered the essay. Rest assured the assignments we provide are neither resold to any third party nor it is ever published online. Also, the rights belonging to the copyrights of the assignment are passed on to the customer when it is sold.

Are my personal details kept discrete or confidential?

Answer: Rest assured that all the details that you provide to us when ordering the assignment are kept 100% discrete and confidential. All your personal or contact details are only kept in our database for offering customer service; however, it is never divulged to any third party, not even to our writers or other unauthorized personnel.

What do I require to do to order the essay?

Answer: Just, fill out the order form carefully and properly, mentioning all the details which are necessary for contacting you to inform you about your order or for any other pertinent query.

What Modes of Payment do you accept?

Answer: Essay Helpers accepts all kinds of major debit and credit cards payments for instance Master Card, Visa, Diners, AMEX, Switch, American Express, etc. For further convenience of the customers, we also accept payments through PayPal, Western-Union or E-Checks.

Are my credit card details kept classified?

Answer: You do not need to be worried about your credit card details as such are kept completely safe and secured using a 128-bit encrypted server.

Do you offer refund?

Answer: First of all, keep one thing in mind that Essay Helpers never declines lengthy and intricate essays or other assignments. However, if we fail to contact you after you place the order; you are then entitled to receive a full refund.