How to Write a Proposal Essay?


The aim of a proposal essay is to persuade an authority in order to take initiative or a course of action for an issue. A good topic idea for a proposal essay is one that develops from a person’s beliefs and passions. When considering a topic for a proposal essay, it always helps to first assess your level of knowledge and expertise on it, what issues are associated with the topic and your Read more

How to Write a Memoir Essay?


A memoire essay is focused on a specific memory in a person’s life. It entails interpreting that memory and describes why it has a particular influence on your life. It is important to employ sensory details when writing a memoire essay. It digs into the past of a person to interpret his/her present. •    Before writing a memoire essay, it is first important to choose a particular event Read more

How to Write an Essay in MLA Format?


An essay in MLA requires you to be well-versed in MLA formatting. By knowing the rules of formatting in MLA style, you can accurately format your essay and make sure the authenticity of your work. Therefore, you need to get yourself familiarised with MLA formatting before writing an essay in MLA format. Given below are some useful tips for writing an essay in MLA format: First Page: You Read more

How to Write an Essay Introduction?


An introduction is the basic part of an essay. It introduces the readers about your topic and gives readers a broad definition of it. Therefore, you need to make it simple yet interesting while being concise and brief so that it can compel the readers to read on your whole essay. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before writing an introduction is to make it as clear as possible so Read more

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay?


An autobiographical essay is a pre-requisite for a college application in order to apply for a course in a college. Therefore, it is essential to write it in the most appropriate way as it is an important factor for the success of your college application. If written properly it can enhance your chances of getting admission in your desired college. Typically, an autographical essay is between Read more

How to Write a Narrative Essay?


A narrative essay is a piece of story writing that has definite plot and characters. They are aimed to reconstruct a specific event from a specific period of time. A good narrative essay creates certain emotions in readers by recreating an event or series of events. A narrative essay allows the readers to deduce their own interpretations of an event, though there are some skills that writers Read more

How to Write an Evaluation Essay?


An evaluation essay is a critical analysis of a subject in focus. It may give a approving or disapproving comments about a subject depending on nature of the subject. But, firstly it is important for you to get enough knowledge and understanding about the subject before writing on it. You must understand that an evaluation essay is not based on your opinion about a subject and your inferences Read more

How to Write a Process Essay?


Writing a process essay can be a daunting task to students. But there are always some helpful tips that can help students easily write a process. But firstly we need to understand what a process essay is all about. A process essay is an informative essay that describes a process into several steps in simple and easy to understand language. No matter how well you plan your essay, the approach Read more

How to Write a Personal Essay?


Personal essay is a pre-requisite for college admission application. It is generally required before applying for a course in a college. However, you can also write a personal essay in case you are applying for job or requesting a transfer for position within a company. The essay should not give information that you have already incorporated in your college application and rather it should Read more

4 Steps to Write a Short Essay


Students need to write a short essay at some level of their education. A short essay is written on the same essay format with less word limit. This is what makes it a challenging task as not many students know the techniques on how to write a short essay. But, there are always some good tips that can help you successfully write a short essay. So, if you are one of the students who desperately Read more