Tips and Techniques for Improving Student’s Persuasive Writing Skills


While there are different genres of writing, persuasion is one of the basic skill, particularly applicable in persuasive writing. Our ability to express an issue and argue or counter-argue it can significantly affect our skill for persuasive writing. Capitalising on this refined skill, teachers can enhance student’s persuasive writing skills. Considering this important points, I have compile Read more

Do You Need Help With Submitting A Proposal Essay? Read This Helpful Guide!


A proposal essay is similar to any other business proposal with the exception that it is only applicable in academic setting. Like a business proposal, a proposal essay discusses an issue and offers relevant proposition. A proposal essay incorporates elements of any other proposal i.e. introduction, statement of purpose, action plan, significance and outcomes. Before writing a proposal essay, Read more

Cash bribes are better incentives to motivate students, reveals a study!


From a recent study by Stephen Gorard, it was revealed that cash rewards motivates the poor students to do better at studies. Stephen Gorard, professor at Birmingham University, stressed on the use of cash incentives to promote performance and attendance of pupils. He suggested Cheap Nike Air Max Thea JCRD that school should allocate £130/yearly for each student which will be cut down in case Read more

The Duke of Cambridge announces £10,000 scholarships for film, TV and games!


Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, has announced £10,000 scholarships to students in order to provide them with financial help for their studies air max cheap sale. He launched the new Prince William Scholarship scheme during his visit to Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden which will help potential students study courses in film, TV and games. The successful candidates will receive funding Read more

Do You Know These 4 Major Themes Of Developmental Biology?


Biology is a combination of two affixes: Bio – means ‘life’, and ‘logy’ – means ‘to study’, simply meaning “study of life” or in a more organised way “study of living organisms”. The study of Biology can be traced back to the period of Babylonia as early as 11th century BCE. Since then the study of biology has evolved significantly with time with more improved Read more

5 Basic Types of Genres in Writing


Ever since the humans learnt to communicate, writing has been in a constant change. From the prehistoric accounts of pictographic script to the more organised form of writing, it has evolved with time into a more complex and sophisticated form. Today, there are plethora of writing styles and sub-genres around the world belonging to varieties of languages and dialects. However there are five Read more

Paragraphing an Essay: 7 Crucial Steps to Remember!


A paragraph presents the arguments in an organised and precise way. In a paragraph, the writer uses expressive writing elements to construct the argument in a coherent and clear way. Therefore, it is important to capitalise on this crucial aspect of writing an essay to make it sound more specific and focused kicks jordans. By employing some effective steps, you can easily accomplish this task. Read more

What Topics to Choose For Writing a Social Studies Paper?


Choosing a good topic is the most important and strategic stage of essay writing process. Unfortunately but a large number of students goof up at this stage due to lack of knowledge and skills. Many times students are not aware of a good topic and end up writing on a cliched idea that has already been tried hundreds of times. However if you are considering a topic for social studies, you have Read more

How to Remove Wordiness from Your Work?


Writing is all about rewriting. Unless you revise your work and get rid of all the clutter, it is highly unlikely that your writing will make an impact. The wordiness makes for most of the clutter in a work, so it is important that you delineate and remove all the words that have no place in your work. This will not only make your writing simple and easy to understand but will also save you Read more

Writing an Essay on Weather Issues: 4 Thought-provoking Ideas!


Writing an essay on “weather issues” brings in many ideas in your mind. It also offers some hottest phenomenon pertaining to current climate changes such as “Global Warming” and “Carbon Footprints”. To know other more interesting ideas, you have to read on this article: 1.    Inform People about Hurricane Hazards Hurricanes are powerful and devastating form of cyclones that can Read more