How to Quote Sources in an Essay?


In writing an essay, you need to cite quotes and words of other people and while doing this you need to properly acknowledge them in right style. This authenticates your work and keeps you away from plagiarism. A common way of quoting sources is to use footnotes or endnotes Cheap Girls Air Jordan 11. A footnote is written within a body of text while an endnote is written at the end of the Read more

How to Write a Reflective Essay?


A reflective essay is a personal narrative written before applying in a college. Since, it is a personal account of a memorable experience, it should be written in first person voice. Liek other essay format, a reflective essay is consisted of three main parts: (1) Introduction: It describes the topic of your essay (2) Body: It gives an insight look into your topic (3) Conclusion: It Read more

How to Write a Profile Essay?


A profile essay is among the most challenging types of essay writing. It is aimed to give accounts about a subject to the readers. It presents both an objective and expressive interpretations about a subject. It is different from a biographical or an autobiographical essay in that it gives firsthand account of a subject or event whereas an autobiography or biography is based on the memorable Read more

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?


Synthesis essay requires you to put together different ideas from various sources and present them in your voice in order to describe them.  You need to find two sources that have information pertaining to your topic.  Find information that offers two different or opposing ideas, and then interpret them to give your own standpoint. A good piece of advice is to be selective when choosing Read more

How to Write a Proposal Essay?


The aim of a proposal essay is to persuade an authority in order to take initiative or a course of action for an issue. A good topic idea for a proposal essay is one that develops from a person’s beliefs and passions. When considering a topic for a proposal essay, it always helps to first assess your level of knowledge and expertise on it, what issues are associated with the topic and your Read more

How to Write a Memoir Essay?


A memoire essay is focused on a specific memory in a person’s life. It entails interpreting that memory and describes why it has a particular influence on your life. It is important to employ sensory details when writing a memoire essay. It digs into the past of a person to interpret his/her present. •    Before writing a memoire essay, it is first important to choose a particular event Read more