How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?


Many students find it difficult to write a compare and contrast essay, though it is not that difficult as it seems. In fact, writing a compare and contrast can quite be a learning experience for many students. All you need are some helpful tips that can help you write it effectively. But before I give you any tip for a compare and contrast essay, it is first important for you to understand Read more

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay?


A five paragraph essay is a standard form of writing an essay. It is often taught as a standard to students in English language courses at any level. While the contents of essay may differ according to the topic, the basic format is comprised of an introduction, body and conclusion with two additional body paragraphs. Following are helpful tips that will guide you in writing a proper five Read more

Helpful Tips for Writing a Winning Essay


Writing an essay is one of the oldest practices in academia. It is aimed to present point of view of a person about a topic. Many times, students feel stressed in writing an essay, since most of students do not know the right tips for writing a good essay. This article will focus on some important tips that will help them write an essay effectively. Following are some good tips for writing a Read more